Amanda is a mother and artist residing in northern Illinois with her husband Jared and three children. 

She graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design in 2003 from KSU in Georgia, and has worked in marketing and graphic design. 

She strives to bring beautiful stories to life through painting and drawing. She is influenced by the outdoors and beauty in nature, and bringing things to life with quirky details.


I am an artist and creative dreamer that shares my inspiration and motivation for people looking for meaningful and moving art to brighten up their walls, shelves and lives with creative inspiration.

I want to bring to life...

♥ that feeling of early morning fall, where you have flavored coffee and a snuggly blanket and time to dream.

♥ that feeling of travelling to Paris, the history, and mystery...the hotel rooms with huge circle windows opening to a seemingly arcane alley way with so much history.

♥ a bird's story of living at the ocean, the waves hitting each other, the salt and sand and rhythmic sound of the waves.


• 9/2022 "The Trees Whisper Your Name" featured at the Black & White Show at the KSB Commerce Towers in Dixon, IL

• 4/2019 Above the Storm, shown at the Shades of Gray show at The next picture show shades of gray exhibited (now in a private collection)

• 4-9/2019 Stalactites & Reflections shown at The Great Outdoors art show, featured at KSB Commerce Towers in Dixon, IL

• 5/2019 Exhibited at Mom Strong Handmade for Hope market